"Brief Introduction to the New Testament" 3rd ed.,Bart Ehrman Chapter 16

The Five Discourses of Matthew refers to five specific discourses by Jesus within the Gospel of Matthew. The five discourses are: the Sermon on the Mount, the Missionary Discourse, the Parabolic Discourse, the Discourse on the Church and the Discourse on End Times. Each of the discourses has a shorter parallel in the Gospel of Mark or the Gospel of Luke

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The Book of Common Prayer is one of the major works of English literature. Since its introduction in the mid-1500's it has exerted enormous influence on the religious and literary lives of all who speak the English language. The Book of Common Prayer has gone through a number of editions, not only in England where it originated, but in all the places where the various Churches of the Anglican communion are now active. Full texts may be found at this site.

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In the "Holy Ordinary" ministry, Carol Mead uses rich metaphor to highlight the presence of God in everyday things and events and people.

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